I am thoroughly enjoying Barbados and thank Jean immensely for the opportunity to share my life with my precious new boy. Than you for breeding such wonderful horses. I look forward to many years of fun together!! Be well. in peace.

Robin L. Cannizzaro DVM, CVA, new owner of Barbados

Thanks, Jean, for the opportunity to own such a beautiful filly! Bimisi arrived at her new home last night and we just love her!

Chris Kellogg of Burgandy Hills Dressage, new owner of Bimisi

Brisa is so brave and curious already at her new home. Quite impressed with how well behaved and non-spooky she is for a 3 year old! The vet was also impressed, as was everyone else at the barn. Gave her a bath and she was perfect, she even let me soak her face with the hose (my big gelding doesn't even tolerate that one!) Thanks again Jean!

Chelsea Warren, new owner of Brisa

I just wanted to thank you so much for giving me the chance to own such an amazing horse!! Balleriina is such a special addition to our family and she has settled happily into her new home:) Everyone cannot believe she is only three, she has such a divine personality and mind. I have been doing some natural horsemanship with her and she now lets me crawl in between all four of her legs! I feel so blessed to own Balleriina and it has been such a privilege working with her. She simply embodies a dream sport-horse:) It gives me such happiness every morning when balleriina greets me with a whinny and a hug. I look forward to a lifetime future with her, to only build upon the unbreakable bond we share:) Thank you again for everything! And if in the near future my sister starts to look for that perfect horse, we will definitely look to Equivale first! (because perfect is what you ultimately breed:)!

Nicole Lopane, new owner of Balleriina

You like have no idea. I wanted to turn around the whole time in the car come back and give him a huge hug. It's really like we "clicked" if that makes sense. Thank you again and you have a lovely place. Your horses for all to die for and so friendly. You get breeder's award of the UNIVERSE!!!

Aleah Lintereur, new owner of Bailey , (In regards to her first ride on Bailey)

She's settling in nicely. She seems to have a great mind for a youngster. I gave her a bath, put her behind a fan for a little bit, and then let her out to her new "temporary" home, where she pretty much went straight to eating grass -- pretty uneventful (which is always a good thing!)

Gigha Stienman, River Oaks Farm (New Owner of cremello filly Blue Eyed Mist)

Hi Jean, Took Ghost to his first show today with my other stallion who was competing. Ghost just went for a introduction to all the excitement & goings on. He behaved like a true gentleman standing in a pen by my other stallion with no fuss or silly behavior then being ridden for 20 min around the show ground among the other horses in walk & trot. He listened, never lost his head & was perfect I could not have asked for better. He really enjoyed himself & went on the truck like he had been doing it for years. You would have been proud of him & I certainly was Its credit to your handling & good tempered breeding stock! Just thought you would like to know.


Lynn (New owner of cremello warmblood stallion Blue Eyed Ghost now in New Zealand)

Brittany had her first ride on her Sunday night, which went very well. Malibu came here "knowing" that she owned the place. She is the biggest puppy dog ever and loves to be pet and played with, while respecting your space. She has not been nervous at all, looking forward to anything new that she encounters. I cant tell you how impressed I am with her training, she is so very well behaved. She is already bonding with her herd and gets excited to go out with them. I can already see that this will be Brittanys "forever" horse. Thank you SO much for everything!!

Karen and Brittany (New owners of Malibu)

Thank you so much for everything. She arrived wednesday night, and was such a good girl! She's absolutely gorgeous and so well behaved! She was in a stable for two days and she's now in a private pasture but I got them to put an old gelding in with her for company. ... what an amazing filly...... I'm so blown away as is everyone else here, just with how well behaved she is-thanks to you guys, I'm over the moon. I'll make sure as much as possible only people who truly love horses come your way thru me. Her final destination is still kauai, and as soon as she makes it there I'll let you know.


Gene (new owner of Bimini)

Hey Jean,
I have to tell you just how sweet Begonia really is. For a novice such as myself, she has really been such a joy to handle. She’s responsive when I call her and she loves being pampered! My husband has really taken to her and he even goes out in the evenings with me to groom and walk her around her new farm! Nan’s filly shares Begonia’s pasture and they’ve cozied-up nicely! I’m really looking forward to having a productive future with Begonia, .... Begonia truly is a dream!

Thanks! Tammy (new owner of Begonia)

He was a perfect gentleman the whole day. Not one foot out of place, just a perfect angel. We had a terrific day. We rode 2 tests Training 3 and 4 and got a 62.8 and a 65. He was really brave and I am very proud of him.

Have a great week!

Allyson (owner:Cirrus)

Hi Denis and Jean,
Thought I would bring you the great news that Inca had a fantastic year this year and is now retiring. We showed third level this year and that great mare racked up the following: Caledon Silver June - reserve champion Caledon Silver July - champion Blue Star Gold - reserve champion Caledon Year End Awards - champion Silver Championships - reserve champion Silver Ontario reserve champion Silver Year end awards - champion. She is a wonderful mare and friend...to think that started me at the lowest of all spots ( recently widowed and recovering from cancer and a broken femur) to bring me to this star studded year. Please pass along to her " babies" that they have huge footprints to fill but if they have half the heart that their mum does, the will be superstars. Thank you very much for the honour of having this exceptional mare.

Lynne (Owner: Inca)

She is really beautiful. I love her personality, she is very special (and not for sale - ever) She will be my forever Lipizzan.

Princess Young (Owner of: Melia)

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